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Living Koko

Koko Moka Chocolate

Koko Moka Chocolate

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Eat without guilt from the purist form of organic dark chocolate made of the richest cacao beans from the tropical paradise of Samoa and handpicked and roasted coffee from the Kingdom of Tonga.

Each bar is handmade and lovingly wrapped in Australia. The rich flavours enrich your senses, leaves you energised, satisfied and dreaming of island life.

KOKO MOKA is 70% pure dark chocolate with crushed organic Tupu'anga coffee.

Tupu'anga Coffee is handpicked, roasted and packaged in the Kingdom of Tonga, so your coffee tasting experience is truly one from the South Pacific Kingdom.

Tupu’anga Coffee is also a ethically traded enterprise. By roasting the Tongan Arabica beans before they sell them, they are able to pay local farmers a fair price above the word-wide coffee commodity rate. Local Tongan workers are employed on the coffee farms, and in the process of roasting and packaging of the coffee.


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