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Watermelon 'Otai

Watermelon 'Otai

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FYI: The black glass jar with the gold lid is currently out of stock from our supplier, so the candle will be in a different vessel until further notice.

Meleni or watermelon 'otai is a refreshing beverage from Tonga that is enjoyed during the summer. There are many variations of the drink, which includes desiccated coconut or pineapple, but the two main ingredients are crushed watermelon pieces and coconut milk.

Please note, the candle is inspired by the championing flavour of the dish - watermelon.

The candle uses coconut soy wax, natural watermelon fragrance oil and is a sustainable choice of home fragrance for your space.

Please burn your candle with care and read the caution sticker on the jar for safety procedures.

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