Why Choose Us?

*11,000 women are estimated to experience perinatal depression/anxiety in New Zealand every year. In NZ, the largest cause of maternal death is suicide. Your support through Selabrations can potentially help save lives.

Selabrations is honoured to be a PADA (Perinatal Anxiety Depression Aotearoa) Wellbeing Champion meaning we are a regular donor to the charity simply with the generosity of our customers.

PADA uses monetary donations to provide informative resources for parents, so that they can get immediate support and recover quickly, organise events to help break down the stigma surrounding perinatal depression and anxiety, so that people don't delay seeking help, and invest in educating health professionals to ensure patients receive the right treatment and support.

The art of gift-giving to your loved ones, spreading kindness and prioritising self-care by treating yourself with a gift box will help these parents navigate through this difficult season in their life.

With every order placed online, we will donate $1 to PADA.

Donations are made at each quarter of the year, and updates are shared through our Instagram account.

*Source: Perinatal Anxiety Depression Aotearoa

We take gifting personally