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Triumph & Disaster

The Old One, Two - Shampoo & Conditioner

The Old One, Two - Shampoo & Conditioner

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Triumph & Disaster have a goal of making things as simple as possible, but no simpler.

This is called the shampoo 1 and  conditioner 2, because it’s the way they are intended to be used, in combination, like a 1, 2 punch.

Discovering the benefits of using products in combination, is like the kid who gets picked on at school until one day he turns on the bully and changes his future for the better. 

Shampoo - Soft notes of mint mix with Acacia Concinna, Desert Date & Tazman Pepper to deliver a balanced, Sulphate and Silicone free, Shampoo.

Enriched with Hydrolysed Keratin & Argan oil to leave hair and scalp cleansed, moisturised and becalmed.

Conditioner - Yin to your Yang, this Cucumber & Mint fragranced conditioner is the other half of the story, the part where the tanned hero swings down from the trees to save the day. Silicone free, rich in Keratin, Argan oil and fortified with the natural benefits of the Colza plant, this hydrating and calming conditioner is engineered to repair, detangle and destress modern hair, whilst delivering natural volume & shine.

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